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The Flute & the Bowl is an Oxford University society dedicated to the practice of art and ecology. Bringing together a heterogeneous community of practitioners from diverse fields, this society serves as a platform for joint-projects, collaborations, and discussions between the arts, sciences and the humanities, that aim to be of service to the More-than-human World.

As impending environmental crisis adds new urgency to our efforts to extricate ourselves from a cartesian, dualist cosmology that has led us to this ecological dead-end, extricating ourselves will take a collective effort: No one field can claim to hold the solutions to a crisis that is as much cultural and spiritual as it is environmental.

The two key "practices" of this society feed off of each other to integrate the efforts of artists and scientists in their joint undertaking of transitioning our cultural relationship to the natural world from one of exploitation, disconnect and antagonism to one of reciprocity, interconnection and mutualism.

The Flute & the Bowl aims to serve two key purposes:

1. To facilitate collaborative projects between the arts and sciences that would "act as a flute for the natural world," i.e. act as an instrument through which the natural world can communicate itself.

2. To facilitate collaborative projects between the arts and sciences that would "act as a bowl for the natural world," i.e. to hold, protect and conserve the natural world, sharing of it sustainably within our More-than-human communities.

About Us


Jinjoon Lee


Eleanor Capstick


Amillin Hussain

College liaison

Thea Stevens

Treasurer &

Oxford Climate Society Chair 

Eleanor holton

Oxford Climate Society Liaison 

Anya Gleizer

Founder/Activities Manager

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Eiko Soga

Jinjoon Lee

Amillin Hussain

Theo Stanley

Xia Zhi Zhou

Sarah Sands Phillips

Tristram Walsh

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Kwan Q. Li

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Neeli Malik

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Kiril Maltsev

Eleanor Capstick

Anya Gleizer

Johannes Fankhauser

Jason Waite

Andrea Fortier

Sarah Holloway 


Current Projects

Figuring Feasible Futures:

At the Confluence of Art & Science

Deadline for Application: 5 PM Sunday NOVEMBER 24th, 2019 

In collaboration with the Oxford Climate Society, 

The Flute & the Bowl is offering 15 Ruskin students and 15 science/humanities students from across the University of Oxford an opportunity to participate in a joint Art-Science programme dedicated to dreaming forth possible socially just, inclusive, ecological futures and enacting/representing this collective imaginarium through the visual arts.  The resulting collaborative art works (in any medium) will be shown in the 6b Arts Center in Paris, France in a group show during the interim between Hilary and Trinity terms. Participants will get to participate in facilitated workshops and retreats free of charge, to help them develop and implement their interdisciplinary projects and create their works of art. 


Art & Climate Change Workshops 2018-19

The Flute & the Bowl

Art & Science

Past Projects

The Flute & the Bowl

Art & Science


Diffracting Matters Art-Science Exhibition at the  =North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford. 2019

Sponsor Us

At the Flute and the Bowl we are always grateful for your contributions towards our ongoing exhibitions, publications, workshops and projects. If you or your company are interested in supporting our work of bringing art and ecology into the conversation, please drop us a line. We will be here to listen to your contributions and take our collaboration forward into a greener future!

Special Thanks to our Sponsors!


I saw myself

a ring of bone

in the clear stream

of all of it


and vowed,

always to be open to it

that all of it

might flow through



and then heard

“ring of bone” where

ring is what a


bell does

                     Lew Welch

"We must learn to behold and hold all this dying and loss, including our own, and still act to preserve and protect what we can."                                                             - Bill Plotkin

  The Flute            the Bowl


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